Welcome Message

  • Chairman
  • President of IOA
  • President of IOSSMA

Welcome Message From Chairman

ghuna_utoyo3Dear Friends and Colleagues!

It is my pleasure and my privilege to invite you to participate in the “3rd Annual Meeting of Indonesian Orthopaedic Society for Sport Medicine and Arthroscopy (IOSSMA)” of that is going to take place in Bandung from 3rd to 6th September 2015. Growing steadily from its founding days in 2012, IOSSMA has become a nationally renowned federation and the Indonesia voice of Sport Medicine and Arthroscopy across Indonesia.

Driving this year’s meeting is the official theme of “Sport Science and New Technology” that will embrace our daily practice with such much knowledge, techniques and experience in sport medicine and arthroscopy. The program will be held in 4 days contain cadaveric workshop, symposia, recorded live surgery and talk show after 5K fun run.

We have prepared an excellent and challenging program which broadly covers our field and will provide new insights into basic science, clinical research and therapeutic interventions. State of the art plenary presentations by leading experts, topical seminars on important aspects of current research and pain management, and daily poster presentations will encourage an interactive and inspiring exchange between participants. Together with the comprehensive industrial exhibition and the sponsored satellite symposia this program will make this Annual Meeting highly innovative and informative venue for clinical research and for the practicing physician.

It is our mission to provide you with the highest quality learning, sharing and networking opportunities in this meeting.

Last but not least, IOSSMA congresses have always been known as an effective opportunity for meeting friends and colleagues, from all over Indonesia and surrounding.

On behalf of IOSSMA, I would like to encourage and to welcome you to take part and benefit from attending this major Meeting in 2015.

We all hope to see you in Bandung!

Ghuna A. Utoyo, MD


Welcome Message from President of IOA

presiden_ioaDear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Indonesian Orthopaedic Association (IOA), it is my honour to welcome you to attend the “3rd Annual Meeting and Congress of Indonesian Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy (IOSSMA) with theme “Sports Science and New Technology”, that will be held on September 3-6, 2015 in Bandung.
This scientific meeting surely will be beneficial to all of us and enrich our skill in Sport Injuries by implementing new science and technology.
As we all know, there are numerous cases of Sport Injuries in Indonesia recently, it coincides with the increasing of Indonesian Orthopaedic Association members that interest in sport and it could be handle by the general orthopaedics.
It is the time for us to figure out in handling the operation of Sport Injuries cases with the new science and technology from the experts that will deliver great knowledge in this event.
The Indonesian Orthopaedic Association expects comprehensive handling of sports injuries that increase significantly nowadays.
So do not miss this event, to get gathering with other orthopaedic surgeons and enjoy the hospitality.

Yours Sincerely
Luthfi Gatam, MD., PhD
President of Indonesian Orthopaedic Association (IOA)


Welcome Message from President of IOSSMA

presiden_iossmaDear Colleagues,

Get an honor for Indonesian Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy (IOSSMA) when taking part in improving the knowledge of orthopedic doctors in Indonesia. The success of past scientific meetings make IOSSMA increasingly known and continue to play a role in the area of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy.

The 3rd Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Bandung on 3rd – 6th September 2015 and  with The Theme “Sports Science and New Technology”, I hope the meeting will present the latest issues in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy.

On behalf IOSSMA, I as President, invite you as the expert orthopedic, sports medicine specialists, expert Medical Rehabilitation, as well as the residents and general practitioners to improve our knowledge of sports medicine and arthroscopy through this scientific meeting.

See you in Bandung …

Bobby N. Nelwan, MD
President of IOSSMA